Sexist makeup app should not be bought

What is makeup? Though it’s an easy question,  the answers can vary from person to person, especially gender-wise. For women, it’s a variety of products such as eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and so forth, used to help accentuate certain features and help boost self esteem. For some men, it’s seen as a mask, hiding a woman’s true form in order to deceive unsuspecting males. However, that problem may no longer be, as one kind gentleman decided to strip them of their misleading appearance.

The app is called MakeApp and for $0.99 it can be all yours. Made by Ashot Gabrelyanov, it’s abilities consist of adding makeup on to one’s face or stripping it off. Though it does both, the feature that is receiving backlash is the latter. Since men don’t typically wear makeup, one can assume that the feature was specifically made to target women. However, the removing makeup feature isn’t accurate in any sense. Rather than removing the makeup portion of one’s face, it just makes a person’s skin as blotchy as it can, highlighting redness and wrinkles as well.

The true purpose of the app isn’t to give an accurate photo of what a woman would look like without makeup, but to break down their self esteem and make men feel like they’re discovering something new. After seeing photos on the internet of what the app can do, it’s clear that the app purposely makes people uglier than they would be without makeup. While a woman may have a few pores, no wrinkles, and some redness, those less likable features would be amplified. This way, a woman would think she looks worse than she actually does, all because of some filters saying that this is what she’d look like without basic makeup.

If the app flopped and no one wanted to buy it, then I wouldn’t have much to argue about. However, men are actually spending money on it, saying things like they wish they had this in high school or that it makes choosing women on Tinder easier. The idea that men see makeup as deceiving isn’t a myth that “feminists” made up. Almost 63 percent of men believe that women wear makeup to lie to them, according to a 2017 YouGov survey.

It’s absurd that women can’t wear concealer or eyeshadow without some men thinking that we’re trying to trick them. Not only is it our faces, meaning that we should do what we want with them, but it should be plain obvious when women are wearing makeup. No woman is born with contoured skin or smoky eyelids. It can’t even be considered deceptive if it’s common sense. Rather, it’s just stupidity.

If a woman decides to wear makeup, it’s really not another person’s business to go and try and find out what they look like without it. Not only is that their personal choice, but if you’re a guy willing to spend any sort of money on an app for that kind of purpose, you’re not worth that woman’s time.