Sex sells and tv shows buy

With the demand of quality entertainment nowadays, shows on tv have been introducing more sexual activity. It is used as a way to pull the audience’s attention into the tv show. Personally, I find this wrong because it seems like a dumb way to gain more popularity. I myself feel very uncomfortable when I see the stars of the show starting to show explicit scenes.

One thing I’ve noticed is that some of the most popular shows have the most sex scenes. And while I do understand that shows like Orange is the New Black and True Blood are intended for a mature audience, I’m positive that they can go without showing these graphic scenes.

Shows that didn’t even have many explicit scenes now seem to be obsessed with those scenes. I noticed that Riverdale, now on it’s second season, seems to involve some type of kissing or sex every ten minutes. The first season had never involved this much sexual activity. Involving this type of activity can ruin the way the audience sees a character.

What makes this even worse is the characters being portrayed are supposed to be teenagers. This could influence teens into following them, promoting teen pregnancies. The show had even went to having a teenage girl dance on a pole in a club full of adults. If this was to happen in real life, the police would be involved.

I use to watch trending shows with my parents or friends, but now I feel uncomfortable and had to stop watching these shows with them. Whatever happened to panning the camera off the actors and actresses? Implying that the characters are having sex works just as well, if not better. Showing these scenes takes attention away from the plot; sure it might bring in views but it’s doing it in a cheap way.

Why do the creators feel the need to shove these scenes in our face? Overuse of sex scenes is desensitizing the act. Sex seems no longer something to do out of passion and love for one another, but just something to do because everyone else is doing.

Shows should stop relying on sex to pull in viewers. It’s disgusting and uncomfortable for people to watch. Shows should start relying more on well constructed plots and characters for views. Until then, shows like Riverdale are just hopping  on the sex scene bandwagon.