Science should not be politicized

First, let it be known that global warming and climate change are not the same thing.

Global warming is the gradual increase of the Earth’s temperature over time, the title originating from studies conducted by NASA. 

One can be pro-choice or pro-life, but that does mean that abortions are a myth.

According to, the phrase climate change came from a 1977 journal of the same name. The journal details the reasoning behind Earth’s sensitivity to a constantly shifting climate that results in conditions such as the drought we are currently enduring.

Either way, climate change or global warming, there should be no debate in politics whether the cause was because of man or nature. There should be no sides on whether it exists, because science has clearly proven that both do.

The phrases can be used interchangeably since they are related, yet by many politicians they are used only to have a negative or positive connotation with possibly no care given about the words literal definition.

Multiple theories and countless studies have been dedicated to helping the Earth reach a point where it is no longer at risk of dying, but politicians have turned it into a bargaining chip to win the next election. What’s even worse is that the people pick a side and are victims to politicians’ deceit.

President Barack Obama acknowledges the existence of climate change, the threat it poses, and is moving forward in aid. He does this by trying to figure out a more efficient, cost effective way to live that does not contaminate the ecosystem as much as current practices do.
It seems to be that emphasis on the “non-existent” environmental problems and “disease causing” vaccinations has left citizens in a split.

These claims are mainly made by money hungry white men of Washington whose real interests are in political gain and not in the best interest of the planet, nor its inhabitants.

It’s another form of corruption, elected officials and government peoples exercising their power over citizens to influence us in not vaccinating our children and avoid buying hybrid cars.

It’s bologna.

The same people who are adamant about not doing something are the ones are doing it. A senator who basically said that vaccinations are a joke and otherwise useless, that they cause attention deficit disorder, went to get vaccinated.

Multiple senators and members of the government own hybrid cars, own stocks in the market of producing eco friendly materials, or even donate to the cause.

More and more are we seeing scientists and other specialist on news channels agreeing or arguing with the views and statements of politicians, when their real job is not to be a commenter, but to provide the facts on what exactly the topic is and what precautions should be taken.

It makes no sense that politicians turn these factual and proven scientific discoveries into social matters that are meant to be argued for or against.

Yes, one can be pro-choice or pro-life, but that does not mean that abortions are a myth; they are scientifically proven to remove the fetus and terminate the pregnancy.

All medications have side effects and we acknowledge them as as we purchase Advil at the local drug counter; we would not have medications or vaccinations if they did not serve their purpose.

Instead of wagging a finger and taking a side, politicians should work together, no matter the party, to adjust actions of the people for the betterment of the Earth and the health of the people as a whole. If you don’t win the election, it’s not the Earth’s fault for being round and not square.