Relationships can wait ’til we’re older

Significant others shouldn’t dominate lifestyle or distort priorities


We wait for what feels like forever to get to our teenage years where we have this idea that they will be the best years of our lives. Having freedom, going out with friends, and meeting new people — making memories along the way.
But once we get to high school, there are couples holding hands down hallways, even sucking on each other’s faces. Online our peers constantly post about their significant others.

Our ideas shift to “needing” someone to call our own. Even if it means moping around until someone pities us or sticking around with the person we call our “forever” even though they’re obviously no good.

But we’ll sacrifice so much of our time just so we have that person we think we need. What we need to do is set our priorities straight.

So, ask yourself this:
Is this person really going to be there forever? Are you capable of putting up with them for the rest of your life? Do you love them, or just the idea of having someone to call your own? Really think about it.
Being teenagers, life should be about having an open mind, meeting new people, and just being yourself. Not worrying about if he tells all his friends about you, if she brings you around her parents, or if they have you in their Instagram bio.

School comes first no matter what. But aside from that, having a boyfriend or girlfriend? It can wait.
Life’s too short to waste it waiting for Prince Charming to come sweep you off your feet or for Belle to realize that behind your imperfections there’s something to love.

Being what we call “in love” is a beautiful thing. I’m not saying it isn’t, nor that we shouldn’t get involved in relationships. Having someone to lean on, do things with, and be all lovey dovey with is amazing —coming from someone who shared two years of being in love with someone. It can be a great feeling, but should we dedicate our time we have as teens doing nothing but searching for that one special person? Is it a necessity?

We shouldn’t, and it’s not.

What I’m trying to get across is that we shouldn’t moan and groan about not having someone to spend the holidays with, take the same cliche Tumblr pictures with, let alone be in love with.

From experience, friendships last longer and are worth much more. Commitment shouldn’t be so much of a concern— at least not now. Relationships are lovely, and they are okay to have, but it’s far more beautiful letting them develop over time.

Life’s too short to wait around on something that won’t get far or happen at all. Go out, make friends, cherish each moment as a kid because one day we’ll look back and regret the things we never got around to because we were so caught up looking for something we didn’t need.