PS4 release surprises gamers

Matt Danforth

Imagine a long line of people waiting in front of a store. All bundled up due to the 54 degree weather on a cold Thursday night. Not knowing how long it would take or when their wait will be over but they wait nevertheless because it’s all worth it. Parents, teens, girlfriends, and others wait in ecstatic silence outside of Best Buy. It’s not Black Friday. It’s the midnight release of the now PS4.

The spotlight has been on Sony as gamers wait for the news of the release date of their long awaited next generation PS4. Gaming has always been on the move and never stayed the same for long. With the advances in technology, there has always been room for improvement but the hype surrounding the next generation gaming started earlier June 10 at E3.

Rumors were been spreading like wildfire around the new next generation consoles that were large at hand, but nobody knew what to expect. The main event: Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The two most anticipated products of the year. First up, the Xbox One. With one thing on gamers minds: What’s the price and release date? $499 Nov. 22 for the Xbox One. Many, however, were disappointed by the Xbox One’s always-online rule. Then it was Sony’s time to strike with their announcement of the PS4. Only $399 needed to purchase the console as of Nov. 15. Sony brought down the house with their amazing presentation of the PS4 that lifted the spirits of gamers after the disappointing news from Microsoft.

E3 was but a memory on the minds of those in front of Best Buy that long awaited November night. Many had set up shop earlier that day as the line expanded to the length of a football field, it seemed.

It might not have been Black Friday, but it was Christmas Eve for those waiting to receive the one thing the have been dreaming of for months, the new PS4.