Promposal reveals racism in our society

With it being prom season promposals are all the hype. The bigger the better. From movie scene reenactments to big posters with balloons, people are asking their prom dates to prom in the most extravagant ways. There are no bad promposals, or are there?

With social media being the center of most teenagers lives nowadays, they like to post every aspect of their lives. What they ate for breakfast. The score they got on their math test. How they plan on getting through the day since it’s a Monday. And of course, their promposals.

Riverview High senior Noah Crowley is one of these students who thought a promposal would be a good way to ask his girlfriend to prom but to say the least, it was the worst. The ignorant 18-year old composed a racist statement and plastered it on a poster and then actually let it be seen by the public eye.

“If I was black I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking you 4 prom?”

Is what the infamous poster read that was viewed on someone’s Snapchat. Crowley’s girlfriend posted her boyfriend holding the offensive poster on her Snapchat with two heart-eyed emojis, showing that she actually liked the promposal and was excited.

The fact that a white person felt like this was okay to do and thought that there would be no harm shows that racism still exists, despite what white supremacists say.

After facing consequences by the school district and being investigated, Crowley put out a public apology. In his apology he says it was “not his intention” to offend anybody and anyone who knows him knows “that’s not how we truly feel.”

I guess he doesn’t know the well known saying think before you act. To commit the act he did and then apologize after it blew up, shows he isn’t truly “sorry” about his actions.

If the teen didn’t want to offend anyone he wouldn’t have made the poster in the first place, but he is a white male in the United States, he’s untouchable. Freedom of speech, he can say whatever he wants because it’s his opinion, right? Crowley can use whatever racial statements he wants because like he said, “it was meant as a joke,” so no one should be offended.

Non people of color can bring up traumatizing parts of history and turn it into a gag but don’t any person of color dare sit during the National Anthem!