Our music program deserves more recognition

Taking a walk into the theater, which has seen much better days, is depressing. The classrooms are equally disheartening, as shining trophies from previous years are stacked next to dingy old curtains.

The music program at Stagg has had a long history of greatness. Yet over the years it’s started to deteriorate. What’s left of the music program now is only its soul.

Our current music program offers Band, Orchestra, Choir, Piano, and Guitar. However, there are only two teachers to teach these courses, making only 10 periods of a music-related class available.

Across campus in nearly every subject, there’s a department. Music, along with the art department, happens to be one of the smallest ones. Why is that?

We have new sport stadiums. So why can’t it be the music program’s turn to get some sort of funding to potentially replenish their greatness?

With outdated equipment, broken instruments, and a lack of storage, it’s amazing that the music program is still able to even perform. The potential of this program is huge, and if given what they need, can make magic.

Some might say music is “not something we’re known for,” but why can’t it be? Music can help some students with understanding other subjects. According to a 2006 Guggenheim study, “Students in the (music) program performed better in six categories of literacy and critical thinking skills.”
The amount of talent our program has, despite the small number of students that participate, is insane. Some students on campus are unaware we have a music program at all. It’s a shame to know our program isn’t being thrown out there, or sufficiently advocated by counselors to students. I’ve yet to meet someone whose counselor actually suggested that they enroll in music.

Just because a music concert may not bring in as big of an audience as a sporting event would doesn’t mean the school should promote sports more.

The music program potentially won’t bring in as big a profit as a football game, but that’s no reason to disregard its existence. Music should be encouraged to the students just as much as sports, clubs, academics etc.

It’s disappointing to know that in my four years of band I’ve yet to see an administrator attend a single concert. This should change.  Music and the arts as a whole are a part of our school. They shouldn’t be ignored.