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Normalize the nipple

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CC Wikimedia Commons

A bra is considered one of the most necessary components of a women’s wardrobe. Lately, the high end fashion world has seemed to be quickly adapting to the concept of not wearing a bra. However, bra manufacturers have also been improving designs to make them more comfortable. So, why is that women are choosing to not wear one? I’ll tell you why.

Society has such a debased reaction to normal life things such as breastfeeding and censorship. Bras are solely just another type of oversexualiztion towards the female body. Just like corsets, they promote an unrealistic image of the female body.

And what happens to be so wrong with not wearing a bra? Is it because ones nipples could be visible? Is it because it frees a part of the female anatomy that has been conditioned in society to keep concealed? The stigma against certain areas of the body still remains, but it’s time for that to change.  

Since I could remember, I have been told that wearing a bra is just the proper thing to do. It’s what most young girls are taught, and when I’m not wearing one I feel bad to a certain extent. It shouldn’t be that way. Females have been trained to believe that wearing a bra is absolutely necessary. But instead they should be being taught that is completely their choice on what to wear.  

Now I’m not saying that all women should just forget wearing bras completely. I completely understand that some people wear them not because they are afraid of societal views but because they feel like it’s the most comfortable for them. However, if they ever wanted to go braless, they shouldn’t have to second guess based off of how others might react.

Women shouldn’t have to feel like not wearing a bra is wrong, they shouldn’t have to feel like the sole purpose of their bodies is to please another person, facing objectification and sexualization.

No matter what somebody chooses to do with their own body, it’s not anybody’s place to comment or criticize them for it.

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Normalize the nipple