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Music inspires hope and security in life


 It may be an elder, teacher, friend, celebrity, or even a band member.

Wait, a band member? Why would anyone want to look up to them if some of them are “satanic”?

Oh, the nerve of some people. Just because these band members don’t fit the image of what society calls “normal” they get looked down upon. Their music, singing, and looks are different, but do these differences really determine if they’re a positive influence or not.

My answer is no.

Band members seem to be the only people who truly understand me, who can actually help me get by. But how can I feel that way if they don’t even know I exist?

Well, it’s simple. Through their music and interviews. With every song lyric they write, they pour  emotion into every line. They make you dig deep to find the true meaning of what they’re trying to capture.

An example?

Let’s take Christofer Drew, the lead singer of Never Shout Never.

I’ve always looked up to him. He taught me so much about love, life, peace, and even myself.

He showed me that life isn’t always going to be a happy place, but you have to look on the bright side and have a positive attitude. Because of him I was able to overcome the insecurities I had about my physical appearance. He taught me to love myself for every flaw and imperfection because they make us just as beautiful.

I can honestly say he’s greatly shaped me to become the person I am today.  But there are more band members who’ve had an impact on me as well.

Mitch Lucker, the front man of Suicide Silence, who just passed away at a young age about three months ago, taught me to live and appreciate life like there’s no tomorrow because one day there won’t be a tomorrow. And that’s what he did his whole life, and died at the age of 28.

Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, taught me to appreciate everything that happens to me –  the good and the bad –  because it’s all for a reason.

Austin Carlile, the vocalist for Of Mice & Men, taught me to never lose hope or never give up, because life always gets better. He taught me to always be myself despite what others think or say.

I could continue  and make a list of all the other inspirational band members that got me where I am today, but that would be never ending.

My point is a role model can be unconventional. It just depends on the person who decides to follow in on their footsteps. They can either take a person’s words and turn it into something positive, or not.

“Keep listening to music. It gets you through everything, I promise.”

Those words said by Mitch Lucker will always stick to me. Because every single song written by these band members has gotten me through the last five years of my life, and they will continue to throughout the rest of my years to come.

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Music inspires hope and security in life