Milk and Vine: Legendary Vines Make Great Quotes

Milk and Vine was written by a young couple, Emily Beck and Adam Gasiewski. They are first year students that attend Temple University in Philadelphia and after visiting a Barnes and Noble store they got a copy of the best selling poetry book, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. After reading the book they got inspired and a year later they became authors. When they finally decided to write and publish their own book they determined that the book would be dedicated to the legendary video platform Vine. However, the appearance and style

A year later they published milk and vine. While Beck focused on illustrations, Gasiewski handles the format and writing while mimicking Milk and Honey. The book includes a lot of popular vines.

It has some pretty great content, however there are many vines that happened to get left out. There were also some vines that were slightly phrased incorrectly. One of the most popular vines in the book goes “you almost made me drop my croissant”, while in the actual vine he says, “ AHHHH STAWPP!! I could have dropped my croissant!”

Overall, milk and vine deserves a good four out of five stars. The great content and the funny yet considerably creative illustrations put the whole book together and make it worth the read.