Masculinity and femininity don’t determine gender


Serina Sieng & Jake Marcelino

Masculinity is used to describe some people but is typically associated with men, However, women can also be masculine. From early ages we are taught only boys enjoy the color blue. Only boys throw baseballs and footballs. Only boys like toy trucks. Only boys play video games.

If you do not meet the standards you are restricted to names such as a “mama’s boy” “wuss” or “gay.”

Fragile masculinity is when a man feels as if his manhood is threatened by another

person. As a result he might say “no homo”or “ that’s gay.” This toxic atmosphere is created by society or family members.

       In today’s society men feel that they have to prove themselves as being a “man” by disrespecting women and demeaning them. But instead of showing how they really feel, their choice to be a “macho man” is disrespectful.

Why do men need the verification that some things are for them? For example, man-buns or man-bags.Why is it that there has to be the word “man” in front of these things? Why can’t it already be accepted as unisex? I mean after all, people can do what they want, no matter what gender they are.  

Well, these things are usually almost always associated with fashion and beauty and that tends to be a more women dominated area. So, by adding the man before these commonly feminine terms it’s used to help men not be bashed on these “girl things.”

“Honestly I don’t wear pink because I feel like it’s a girly color,” said one junior male. “If I did wear it people would say I’m gay. “ We have been raised to think that pink, purple, and colors associated with them are supposed to identify with women. We have been raised to perceive so many things as “soft” or “gay.” But liking certain things doesn’t automatically make you feminine.

Some men won’t even say “you look handsome” to a friend because their masculinity is so fragile. Since when does complimenting your friend all of the sudden define your sexuality? The answer is never.  

If you are comfortable with yourself you should not care how others perceive you.