Ignorant students use walkout to their advantage

A walkout is meant to be a peaceful demonstration that brings awareness to an issue and calls for action to be made. On February 23, what was supposed to be a protest against gun violence at Stagg turned into absolute insanity.

Students tore down a fence and screamed as they ran off campus, as if they just broke out of jail. Some hopped on the backs of vehicles and others threw rocks at police officers. These delinquents considered this to be a free ticket out of class and didn’t know the cause the event was organized for in the first place.

As I walked to my fourth period class and took in the sight around me, I couldn’t help but to feel ashamed of my school and the ignorant students who took part in such activities. Even the ones who didn’t become unruly recorded the badly behaved on their phones, giving them far more attention than they deserved.

When I left class at the end of the period, which only half of the students attended, my teacher told us to stay safe and out of the way of those who were causing chaos.

How was any of this madness, including fighting law enforcement and rioting in the streets, supposed to denounce gun violence and make a proactive statement?

The idea of a walkout may have began with a few educated students who wanted to stand up for what they believe in, but unfortunately their sentiments were overpowered by the hundreds that chose to act foolish and further tarnish Stagg’s image.

Not only did this harm the movement’s progress, but it was blatantly disrespectful of the lawless to take advantage of an issue that is full of gravity and use it to their benefit. Their actions were revolting and may cause administration to punish those who had good intentions.

The students who want change deserved more than this. The victims of Parkland deserved more than this.