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Hollywood joins ‘Time’s Up’ to stand against sexual harassment

Women's March Seattle by Cindy Shebley (CC BY-SA)

Women's March Seattle by Cindy Shebley (CC BY-SA)

In light of the #MeToo campaign, and the many cases of sexual harassment that have been brought to light recently, those in Hollywood have decided to take a stand.

“Time’s Up” is a new initiative, in part inspired by a letter written by 700, 000 female farm workers expressing their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. The initiative was created in order to give those who don’t have the media platform or funds to speak out against sexual harassment/ assault. It includes $13 million legal defense fund that will be used to assist lower income women in seeking justice if they have suffered from sexual harassment and/ or assault in the workplace. The initiative also advocates for legislation that would punish companies who tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace.

More than 300 women, in either television, film, or theater, have joined the initiative to make a difference. Even Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Longoria, and many more are apart of it.

During the Golden Globes, those who are either involved in the initiative, or those who want to show their support will wear a black and white “Time’s Up” pin. Co-founder Reese Witherspoon had costume designer Arianne Phillips design the pin for the event.

It’s wonderful that such influential people in the media will bring awareness to this issue. By speaking out they may give many hope and inspire them to continue to share their stories and to not accept sexual harassment or assault as just an everyday phenomenon. Especially with a widely viewed award show such as the Golden Globes, it’s the perfect platform for these prevalent women in Hollywood to speak out against this horrible issue for those who don’t have as much power to.

Honestly it’s about time that women banded together to fight the normalization of sexual harassment and assault, but it is even more important now, when so many stories have been revealed and we all can see the depth of this problem. Everyone must come together to overcome this widespread problem.

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Hollywood joins ‘Time’s Up’ to stand against sexual harassment