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Google Clips: Is it a step in the right direction?

CC flickr Simon Steinberger 23 May 2014

CC flickr Simon Steinberger 23 May 2014

In February, a $249 Google gadget was released. The Google Clips camera is used to take the the place of a type of photographer. After positioning the 2-inch high square camera- ideally somewhere where people or pets are frequently interacting- it automatically take pictures of “candid” scenes about three-to-eight feet of the lens. These scenes are determined by what the camera thinks are worthy enough moments.

After finding out about this I started to do some research and the reviews on the gadget came across to be very disappointing. Most of the reviews talked about the camera capturing bland and somewhat soulless photos.

It can make one question what really does make a “good” photographer. Is it possible one could program something to take good photos, is it that easy?

A lot of emotion goes into great photography, not only emotion from the photographer but the subjects in the photo.

Google Clips isn’t meant to replace photographers, but is more of a sample of what could be next for photography-even though the camera quality isn’t even that good- in the future.

At the end of the day, it can’t predict what is going to happen next and capture that moment. Google clips doesn’t have emotion or empathy to relate back to the meaning or subject of a photo.

It should be used as more of an “assistant” managing duller part of photography rather than actually capturing the photos.  


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Google Clips: Is it a step in the right direction?