Giving teachers guns is a poor choice

17 more bright, young high school students are dead after another tragedy strikes a school in Parkland, Florida. After the 18th school shooting of the year last week, one Alabama lawmaker believes the best solution to this rising problem is arming the teachers, and therefore bringing more weapons on a school’s campus.

During a news conference, Republican Representative Will Ainsworth of Guntersville told people in his district that he plans to introduce a bill allowing trained, certified teachers to carry weapons on school campuses. He insists that the teachers who will carry guns have to go through 40 hours of training with the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission and a mental health evaluation to ensure that they are fit enough to have guns. While the district would pay for the training, teachers will be in charge of paying for their own guns.

In the words of Doug Jones, Alabama Senator, that is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard. How would escalating the amount of firearms near children and teenagers fix anything? I understand that school shootings

If we arm even a few teachers, just think about the extraordinary cost it would take away from other educational purposes. And what about the expenses after a shooting? If a teacher tries to stop a school shooter and ends up damaging buildings in the process is would it be the teacher’s problem or the district’s?

Then there’s the worse case scenario, that I would never wish for, but what if a teacher even accidentally hits another student in the process? Think of how tragic it would be for a teacher, whose job would have been to protect the students, is now the reason they’re dead. Also, how are the police supposed to know who’s the school shooter and who’s the teacher? If they see someone waving a gun around, how are they suppose to know any better?

While I believe that action should be taken to prevent further shootings, bringing more firearms on to campuses would not help the situation. The money allocated for that cause should be put elsewhere, such as better protection or programs to prevent someone from feeling that they should shoot up a school in the first place.