Free press no ‘enemy,’ should be valued

People turn to the press to find representation of their beliefs. People turn to the press to find out what exactly is going on in the world surrounding them. People turn to the press to find the truth.
From the voices of people informing their country to the voices of students informing their school, the press has been planted into our society with heavy importance. After all, freedom of the press is enshrined in the First Amendment.
Unfortunately, it seems as if some are forgetting, or are even against the values the press maintains.
With journalists being killed in different countries, such as Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia, and many looking at press as the enemy of the people, the journalism field is declining.
A recent speech from journalist Arthur Sulzberger at University of the Pacific was able to point out the importance of a free press. This declaration is especially important considering President Donald Trump continues to refer to the press as the people’s enemy. Strong journalists are needed today to prove that journalism isn’t the bad influence that some make it out to be.
There needs to be a change in how the press is being treated. Given their role, it would only make sense for journalism to be one of the most respected fields. If there was no journalism industry, people wouldn’t be informed with the news they’ve grown accustomed to hearing. There wouldn’t be any newspapers, any news channels, or any online websites to go.
The government and businesses would have all the power to control what news is being put out for the people of the United States. The press is the watchdog for the people.
Yes, there’s social media, but most of the time when people retweet claims, they turn out to be false.
With a society filled with fake news, only more problems will be created. It would be best if news outlets were given the chance to report true facts without being called liars.