EDITORIAL: Don’t stress, enjoy holidays

GraphicForISSUE3doneNear the holidays it is easy to become overwhelmed that it creates a season of frustration and stress, as opposed to joy and love.
People become so worked up figuring out how to impress someone or show how much they care by purchasing gifts for friends and family, whether they can afford them or not, when actually showing how much one is grateful for another shouldn’t be a seasonal thing. It should be constant throughout the year.
And the amount of money spent shouldn’t determine what someone is worth. Deeds done for a person should measure how much they mean to another. How far would someone actually go to display their love?
Sending out a simple card to explain how important someone is, spending quality time with a loved one, or even just smiling and wishing a stranger happy holidays, doesn’t require much more than just a thought.
It’s these little things that matter. The ones that have a lasting effect.
There’s always the huge concern of buying the “best” out there, the brands that everyone has heard of.
If we don’t purchase the new pair of Jordan’s for our brother, then all of a sudden there’s no reason to buy him anything at all. If the new iPod isn’t in the hands of our sister, she won’t look up to us anymore. If our mom doesn’t have a Michael Kor’s bag, she won’t care to receive anything at all.
This is where the idea develops that if the gift is not expensive, then there’s no real thought behind it.
Flashy jewelry, unneeded clothing, expensive electronics. In the end, it gets tossed to the side. But words from the heart, time spent with another, that lasts a lifetime. Being able to reminisce back to the memories created during the holidays holds true meaning.
What good does it do to become stressed over the price of a gift during these times?
It creates so much bitterness and irritation that it makes many of them forget to show how much they care.
They feel too occupied with finding expensive ways to make others happy that they don’t share how the season adds pressure onto their life.
A correct mindset can be the easiest solution to get through what we see as the most difficult times. Something simple as remembering to be thankful for what is already in front of us.
Remembering to take some time to breathe. Remembering that we’re not alone.
Remember the little things.
Focusing on the things that matter and setting priorities straight can ease one’s mind.