Editorial: Disassociated student body

The key to running successful businesses is to consider feedback, ask for suggestions, and implement changes. Any entrepreneur will agree.

The Associated Student Body is not just a class but a business of planning a fun and revenue-filled year. However, when the actual student body speaks up, the tables are turned to “us vs. them.”
The student body then becomes uninterested in whatever ASB has to offer because of a lack of consultation.

No, ASB does not have to get the approval of all students, but if tickets are expected to sell, a critical mass should be interested in whatever the activity may be.

This is not intended to be a blind-sided attack. Several examples from recent years demonstrate the inefficiency of ASB. It is easy to blame failed events on lack of money or spirit. The reasons are more complex.

The real hurdle that needs to be jumped is organization. Yes, it is difficult to start again with a new adviser, but the students should be the ones pushing forward. For example, the prom committee that just established itself needed no adult to make it happen. The group keeps in good communication with the rest of the senior class to ensure that prom is what they want, not just what a handful wants.

Association implies communication. Yes, one can walk around campus and see a plethora of posters on the wall and listen to the Thursday morning announcements. Yet this doesn’t compensate for the lack of direct communication with the students. Since word of mouth is the fastest means of travel, we suggest a mini fourth period monthly visit from members of ASB so that the classrooms can ask questions if need be and to ensure that the student body is actually picking up what ASB is putting down. This also allows ASB to express their passion for events.

These meeting would demand a calendar of the events. ASB could then never be accused of a last minute planning.

Social media is another means of communication. However, the @staggasb Instagram has not published in more than a year, and the Twitter account has not published since November.

Opinions should not only be considered when determining when to have a dance but how to arrange that event and how to execute it. A handful of students have offered their help throughout the year with not only prom but with other smaller activities that could help raise funds for the bigger events. ASB should welcome such assistance.

In the event that ASB does not want to be faced with the timely task of setting up and cleaning up, there are several service clubs on campus that have members willing to donate their time.

Simply, we ask that ASB take advantage of the people power that already exists out there. The acronym is Associated Student Body, which means all of us. It’s crucial to come together and improve lines of communication, so that the student body and ASB can work together like a well-run business.