Domestic violence awareness during Super Bowl matters


It is irrefutable that the commercials during the superbowl are perhaps the only ads that are not only tolerated, but are commonly considered part of the main attraction. Whether it be the notorious overly sexualized Carl’s Jr. commercial or the enticingly marketed GEICO Ad, there is a sort of familiar comfort present within all.

Yet, there was something different this time around. Barriers were crossed yesterday that are normally kept away from in order to avoid controversy. One Ad in particular, from the No More Organization physically brought me to tears. The audio was of a woman calling speaking to a 911 dispatcher as if she was ordering a pizza, trying to convey that she was in danger and the visual was the house. It was quiet and dim, one shot even had what seemed to be a punched wall. It took the dispatcher a moment to realize that this was not a prank call and the woman was in fact in trouble and could not openly say it.

When I later googled the Ad I found that the call was in fact, real. A dispatcher posted it on Reddit after being shaken by the situation. As I got to the comments section of the website I was visiting I noticed a few negative comments, claiming that the ad was useless. It’s only message being the confirmation that domestic violence exists.

I was shocked that someone found that to be the only reason to be against the Ad, is awareness something of no value now? So many people say that if they were in a situation such as that they would know better than to stay, would leave the first time they were mistreated. As if that isn’t what the people in that situation thought they would do?

It is more than just the physical, but verbal and mental as well. You are cursed at, harsh insults become your routine and your view of yourself will be altered because of it. You start to actually think you’re the “fat cow that is lucky to be in a relationship at all” and stay with that person because you think there is no other person that would accept you. Your self-worth hits rock bottom, and you take all that comes flying at you, be it fists or words, because you feel so grateful that someone would stay with you.

Please, keep in mind the dangers of domestic violence and make it known you will stand for No More.