‘DEADPOOL’ should stay true to character, be rated R


What’s the best way to start off April? With a joke.

Hence the April Fools joke played by Deadpool’s publicists.

Millions of fans were shocked to figure out that the Deadpool adaptation would be rated PG-13.

Only to be fooled a few hours later when Ryan Reynolds tweeted the first official picture of Deadpool announcing it was actually Rated R. Along with his silly tweets, a hilarious video teaser was released as well which you can watch here. (Note: there is some profanity and violence.)

The difference between Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and other popular comic book superheroes that we usually see (Superman, Captain America, Kingsman), is that he’s not necessarily a hero.

He’s the anti-hero.

He’s not a role model for children; he uses profanity, he’s a mercenary, he’s mentally unstable, he has a twisted dark humor and he’s all about gore. It’s why he’s loved.

Deadpool is meant for mature audiences. He literally goes by “Merc with a mouth.”

Now, I can see why it would be a wise decision for a company like 20th Century Fox to make the movie PG-13. It would open up more opportunities that would be beneficial for them business wise. That shouldn’t be their goal though. Having the movie be PG-13 would basically limit and strip who the character actually is.

Frankly, I think it’s ridiculous that with such beloved characters and dedicated fans, they were really considering money wise rather than the justice of the infamous comic book character.

I mean, let’s be honest, people who have an urgent desire to see this movie will find a way to view it, despite the ratings.

Meanwhile Ryan Reynolds, the man behind the mask, is hyping up the adaptation with his commitment to the role, on social media. “Deadpool” is currently filming and Reynolds has been actively tweeting about the movie, he’s also a strong advocate for the movie being Rated R.

Deadpool is scheduled to release next year in February 2016.