Concert entertains, educates

In last week’s EduConcert, the drama class performed a skit that went into depth about how credit cards may be nice to have but could potentially get you into big trouble if you don’t pay off your bills.

The concert also went into the importance of managing money and how creating a budget could be really helpful.

Although some students didn’t take advantage of this learning opportunity a lot of good information was taught, in the form of funny skits and a slideshow.

Many of us didn’t even know we had a FICO score.

The concert made us aware of things that are sometimes overlooked like, when handling a credit card and you buy something, you’re borrowing money that has to be paid back.

These concerts have been happening for a while, and through the years, significant information has gone out, from the history of Halloween to the Great Depression. We think this a creative way to teach students.

The EduConcert is also an effective way for the music department to showcase its hard work.

The concert incorporated orchestra, concert band, choir, jazz band, and drama. It made learning about money engaging and fun, and learning should always be fun.

Conflict mediation also gives presentations about bullying and how to prevent it. It would be wonderful if other programs did something similar.

Maybe MESA could do a workshop and teach students how to build something or possibly allow others to watch them build something. That way students see everything that goes into what they create.

Art classes could also do something along the same lines as the concert, like maybe an art show.

They could make art that showcases a specific time period and could explain the type of art that was popular during that time or highlight a specific artist.

It’s really great that our school has programs like these and events like the EduConcert to educate students. This makes for a more informed campus and creates more learning opportunities.

These presentations are sometimes brushed off as a waste of time, but we can see the value in them. Teachers are finding new ways to get material across to students.

Assigning things that are a little more hands on makes learning fun and it tempts students to want to be involved in that learning.

The EduConcert shows a different style of teaching, one that is more entertaining.

We understand that all lessons can’t be performed in skits and with orchestras, bands and a choir, but with the right touch they can be just as fun.