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Comedy becoming too dark

It isn’t unusual to scroll through social media sites and see the internet commonplace. Memes start out by being seen by a couple thousand people and then they get shared to millions. It’s normal to see a picture of a wacky character and laugh by the stupidity of it. It’s even easier to retweet or repost a person falling flat on their face. A new video or photo could be the next viral sensation.

Scrolling through social media has become ever more explicit. It’s easy to hide behind the words that you put online as well. Any day of the week I can look on my Instagram feed and see a video of some guy being drastically hurt or even killed. The creator will dub over a popular song and add their own caption to it and call it a meme.

It’s now easier for people to put a racist or sexist term on a post and have people support it. Comedy is becoming more cynical and barbaric. And instead of the creators or supporters being shunned or reported, it’s instead supported.

A joke use to have a build up and a punchline, and the new generation has found a way to cut the build up and have a guy be punched instead. Comedy has transformed not to the latest trendy topic, but to being reverted back to times of ridiculing people all in the name of comedy.

When 9/11 struck everyone was shocked and devastated by it. It now takes immature people who don’t understand the emotion behind the tragedy to make a joke about it. They classify these jokes as edgy, and belittle the people who label their page as sensitive or inappropriate.

A joke can be simple and have some meaning behind it, it takes context to understand a person’s humor. But finding a video that has racial slurs or displays sexual acts tells a lot  about the content creator or how the person wants to be portrayed as. These pages are labeled as edgy, it’s no longer a joke and has become and act of immense profanity.

It just seems that kids today find humor out of humiliation. Humor has deflated down to finding the most inappropriate content and dubbing over a well known joke or song that will get spread to hundred more accounts. Finding humor in pain is a lot easier online, it’s easier for people to laugh it off and keep scrolling to find another offensive video.

Comedy has become darker, we find humor in the past mistakes of people or cultures and exploit them back to present day because people think that it is funny. We are doomed to repeat the past and be ridiculed for our mistakes.


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Comedy becoming too dark