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CIA reports should be taken seriously

(Photo credit: Central Intelligence Agency via Wikimedia / Creative Commons)

It is astonishing how long the Trump administration among other political leaders will continue to dismiss our Intelligence agencies.

Trump and his ambassadors have preached for what now seems ages the “corruption” and “untrustworthiness” of Clinton and other left leaning politicians. Citing FBI reports, fake news articles and statistics.

They’ve highlighted the “threat” to America. Journalists spewing fake news with the sole purpose to stain Trump’s namesake.

Bomb wielding refugees, who despite being mothers and children can manage to break through the cracks of our rigorous vetting system.

Mad, deranged, tax hungry scientists who claim “global warming” is caused by human activity so that we can add “one” more regulation to our businesses and corporations.

But now, with a legitimate report by the CIA that states Russia had “middlemen” hackers try to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, they are quick to dismiss those claims.

Should we be surprised?


But for world leaders to dismiss relevant information crucial to our democratic system shows how little regard they have for the people of the United States.

On Jan. 20, 2017, we will be living under a world run by a man who refuses to receive a daily intelligence briefing.

We will be living in an emotionally run country, with cherry picked information to support our leader’s opinions.

Be prepared to accept that facts are only as powerful as long as they support our views.

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CIA reports should be taken seriously