Christianity is more than a religion

People often think of Christianity as just a religion. However, there is so much more to Christianity and being a Christian. In order to be a Christian I first have to believe in the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Also, I must believe that Christ himself walked on the earth and was sent from God to save all of the sinners who believe in him. When a person hears the word Christian or church, they might think rules and regulations. However, that is not true for me. In my church we don’t focus on doctrine and how you dress or look. Our main purpose is to spread the love of God with others and be loving people.

In my church just because you say curse words or don’t go to church every weekend doesn’t mean you are a bad person. I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross and as a result anyone who believes in him will be seen like him in the eyes of God.

People make mistakes, even Christians make mistakes, because we are all far from perfect. I do not live with guilt or shame because of the mistakes I have made nor do I feel like I will be condemned for them because my sins rest on the cross. Growing up in a Christian home, I have been taught that Christianity isn’t just about saying the right thing or raising your hands in church but rather what’s in your heart and whether God is in there.

It is very easy to be a follower of Christ and get lost in religion and forget why you are a Christian. Some people believe being a Christian is just showing up at church on Sundays, worshipping and not really trusting in God, just doing it because it is a routine.

I struggled with not knowing the true meaning of Christianity for so long. Feeling stuck, unworthy, and just plain miserable at church. These feelings stayed with me for a long time because I thought God only loves the people who don’t say bad words, follow the rules, and attend church all the time.

I then learned that God’s love for me is not measured by the good deeds I do. Once again I was told that there is more to being a Christian than doctrine and rules. My pastor explained to me that God loves me no matter what because He sees me as Jesus. It was then that I started forgetting about the rules and just embracing the love. I no longer started freaking out when I sinned, but began to repent. Although God forgives and loves me no matter what, I knew that this didn’t give me a free ticket to do what I wanted.

After realizing that God loves me no matter what, I felt so much better. I then discovered that to say you are a person that goes to church every week and to actually be a Christian are two different things.

Although part of being a Christian is to be part of a church family, the main purpose for any Christian is to show love to all they come before. There are two principles that Christians live by. The first is, “Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, mind, and soul.” The second, which is just as important, is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The real purpose of Christianity is found in these two principles. It is easy to be conflicted and think that Christianity is just about rules and regulations, but the real meaning is love.