Change for the worst?

February 6, 2018 is a day many teenagers of the 21st century will remember. The day when when Snapchat changed for the worst. The day Snapchat updated to create a more “personalized experience.”

Many people are very upset over the new update that occurred. The previous version had four different main screens. If you swiped to the right your story and your friends’ stories would appear. If you swiped to the left the chat screen would appear. Swiping down would show your “SnapCode” and other things such as: your friends list, who added you, and the app’s settings. Swiping up would show your Memories and photos from your camera roll. With this new update everything is different; just like everyone’s views about the app.

Your friends’ stories are now on the same screen as the chat screen. This new update makes it harder to each other snapchatters’ stories but on a positive note Snapchat’s “Discover” page is viewed more and customized for your personal likings.

The old “stories” page is now the new “discover” page, stories from sponsored companies and famous people can be viewed on this page. Snapchat’s database picks up on the popular accounts you add and suggest other accounts that have similar content and following.

With people’s views on their stories going down, Snapchat’s ratings are taking a downward tumble as well. Going from a four star to a two in the matter of a week, it is apparent Snapchat needs to make drastic changes fast.

Change can be good when needed but if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.                                                                   

Hopefully the representatives at Snapchat headquarters take into account people’s complaints about this recent update and make the next one more convenient for us viewers.