Award shows are no place for politics

The Primetime Emmy Awards are supposed to be an event where Hollywood’s brightest stars gather to honor the major achievements of the previous television season, though the front page headlines that surfaced from this year’s ceremony weren’t solely about who took which prize home.

Many celebrities, including host Stephen Colbert and presenter Lily Tomlin, as well as winners Alec Baldwin, Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Kate McKinnon, all used part of their invaluable time on stage to denounce President Donald Trump.

While celebrities using their platform to express their political beliefs is nothing new, the constant references to the White House and quips directed towards Trump became almost overwhelming. The entire show started to feel as if it were less about celebrating television and more about mocking our current political state.

As Americans, we have the right to freedom of speech and should speak out against injustice. If we don’t stand up and take action when we see those in power commit wrongdoings, change will not be brought about. However, there is a time and place for everything, and an awards show certainly isn’t the most appropriate setting.

With ratings close to hitting a record low, some believe viewers may be losing interest in the event due to how politicized it has become. Listening to star after star critique one vacuous man could become incredibly tiresome. After a while, they all begin to sound the same and their psychobabble can’t help but elicit eye rolls.

Being an immense fan of television, I was highly disappointed with this year’s ceremony. When I tune into the Emmys, I’m expecting to watch a celebration of the medium, not to have the political beliefs of stars shoved down my throat. Instead of the focus remaining primarily on honoring excellence, the awards took a back seat to an impromptu anti-Trump rally. That isn’t what I had been interested in seeing.

If you want to detest Trump’s actions, go ahead and do it. Just not on stage at the Microsoft Theater.