Kanye West’s Grammy joke taken the wrong way

Six years ago Taylor Swift accepted an award for record of the year at the Grammys. During her acceptance speech, she was interrupted by Kanye West. A shocked Swift stood there holding her new Grammy as West basically told the whole world that Beyonce deserved the award Swift was being given.

The camera then focused on a now mortified Beyonce. After the incident, West apologized publicly to Swift, who later sang her forgiveness in a song on her album Speak Now.

At this year’s Grammy awards, Beck was awarded record of the year. Just when Beck reached the microphone, West, who was seated in the front row with his wife Kim Kardashian, ran up the stairs, stopped about halfway, and then went back to his seat. A mixed reaction of shock and amusement filled the room as many did not know what to think and whether this was a joke or not.

In hindsight, we now all know this was an innocent joke that that shouldn’t have been taken seriously. Many people didn’t stop to think that this could possibly be West’s way of laughing off an awkward occurrence.

Later, when interviewed on receiving his award and West’s actions, Beck laughed the whole thing off by agreeing that he also believed Beyonce, who was also nominated for the same award, should take album of the year verses himself. Clearly Beck wasn’t upset, so why should others be?

One could see why people would take this the wrong way being that West is known for his “I Dont Care” attitude. Every joke is based upon some amount of truth, however the only person who should be upset would be Beck. Since we were little, people have always been taught we are entitled to our own opinions. However, we can only make opinions for ourselves. If the person who was actually the target of the joke doesn’t get offended, we should just let the whole thing go.

West’s joke didn’t hurt anyone. It didn’t victimize anyone either. Beck appears to be unaffected. Again, while this may not have been the time or place for such a joke, it doesn’t take away Beck’s award or musical talent. We shouldn’t make Beck feel like West’s interruption makes him less worthy of the high honor.