The Amazing Spider-man 2 review

The Amazing Spider-man 2 review

Red, blue, and black.

Swinging from buildings to buildings, across the city. Fighting bad guys and saving the love of his life.

Its your friendly neighborhood Spider-man! Or to be more exact, the Amazing Spider-man.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 premiered Thursday, May 1 and since then has made about $369 million worldwide. It has became the second-highest domestic opener of 2014, after Captain America, according to Deadline.

The Amazing Spider-man 2, just like the first, kept you drawn in and anticipating for the next scene throughout the whole movie. With the nonstop action fighting, impressive stunts, and of course the romantic love dialogues between characters Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, it had you wanting more.

Andrew Garfield’s acting was no surprise. With his outgoing, amusing, and emotional acting–plus his extremely good looks– Garfield managed to capture the audience’s attention. Compared to Tobey Maguire’s role as Spider-man in the 2002 version, Garfield brings more character to the screen. As Spider-man, Garfield makes the movie that much better.

The movie, overall, was a roller-coaster of mixed emotions. It appealed to the audience’s many emotions, whether it was happiness, anger, shock, and even sadness. By relating to the audience in situations that not only Spider-man deals with, but ones that everyone does in some point, you don’t feel as the movie is fictional.