Teen causes fire ordered to pay $36 million

Vancouver, Washington teen has finally been ordered to pay $36 million for causing a fire in Oregon that spread over 48,000 acres.

The teen was 15 years old back in September of 2017 when the fire was originally ignited. It all started with one dry bush, when the teen tossed fireworks into the woods on Eagle Creek trail.

Three months was the time the fire blazed uncontrollably. It was not fully detained until the end of November of 2017.

The fire deteriorated much of the Columbia River Gorge’s recreational area, causing the fire to be known as the Eagle Creek fire.

By state of law, an Oregon judge was obligated to order the teen to pay full restitution. The biggest beneficiaries of the payout will be the U.S. Forest Service at $21,113,755, the Oregon Department of Transportation at $12,500,000, the Oregon State Fire Marshall at $1,643,035.38, and the Union Pacific Railroad at $1,048,877.52.

Given the fact that the adolescent will not be able to pay out the fine anytime soon or ever
Throughout his lifetime, a payment will be created.

The teen could be granted partial or full satisfaction of the restitution in 10 years if he has completed probation, complied with a payment plan, and hasn’t committed any additional offenses.

In a released statement by the teen, he sends out a public message along the lines of an apology and a thank you. He states how he is aware of his actions and will “will work hard to help rebuild the community,”

He has been sentenced to five years of probation and 1,920 hours of community service with the U.S. Forest Service.

Due to having no involvement with the crime, the teen’s parents are not liable for any of the restitution payments.