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Student witnesses Hurricane Harvey

With all of the hurricanes going on in the world today, many people are left with little hope and money. Memories including photos were left behind by many citizens living near the hurricanes. This left everyone deeply saddened because they had to leave their homes behind. Citizens not involved often think about how it would feel if a hurricane were to come to them. However, no one really knows how if feels except for the people like junior Alliyah Tibon.

Tibon, a new student, moved to Stockton, California from Houston, Texas because of Hurricane Harvey.  She had witnessed the hurricane with her very own eyes. She described the hurricane as very scary and heart-breaking. As of a result of the disaster, she had to evacuate quickly. “I moved to Stockton because my home in Houston became a little flooded,” she said. “I couldn’t go back because the highway that led to my house was closed off.” Tibon was one of the many people who had to leave because of the flooding.

To no surprise, when the hurricanes hit, everyone had to evacuate quickly. There were floods, power outages, homes being destroyed and so much more. There was no time to make sure nothing was left behind. This no doubt left families upset and created a sorrowful mood. “It was kinda sad to watch everyone evacuate,” she said. “I felt bad and wish I could’ve done something to help the families.” Many people were injured and even left scarred for life because of the hurricane.

However, when everyone started working together, the mood turned into a happier one. All across the United States, people started donating money and food to the victims. Suddenly, the citizens near the disaster started to feel less sad because they gained more hope when donations came pouring in. Shelters were also opened, providing food for the victims of the disasters. This gave room for tired families to sleep. Tibon said, “When everyone worked together it really made a difference and it didn’t feel so sad anymore.”

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  1. Jenny Gingrich on December 6th, 2017 7:31 pm

    Yes, I will speak my mind. I just got wind about this newspaper that Alliyah Tibon. Hi my name is Jenny Gingrich the Grandma to Alliyah. On August 25th 2017 Hurricane Harvey was just moving upon Houston. I was not feeling that well and Alliyah’s Aunt called me around 8am that morning. My daughter told me to get her important papers and to get the basic essentials we needed. I woke Alliyah that morning and told her to get some clothes because we’re leaving up north to Trinidad. My sister-in-law lives Trinidad, Texas. We had left Houston about 11am that morning. I was sad that I had to leave my daughter behind because her job wouldn’t release her. Alliyah was still grasping on everything that was going on. When we finally arrived in Trinidad I called my daughter to see if they released her but they didn’t. My daughter got off work at 9pm that evening. Alliyah saw that I had been stressed out. Now my daughter was stuck in Houston and so was my Sister and her family. We all prayed for everyone in Houston. It was very stressful. My husband, the relatives and I had sleepless nights. Alliyah didn’t see anything but pictures and the Houston news on tv. We live in an apartment complex and everything was and still is good. The sad news is that Alliyah didn’t see the devastation first hand. Watching it on the news and seeing it are two different stories. It would have an effect on her. Just to let you know the truth there was nothing wrong with our apartment. Alliyah left cause she wanted to be with her dad in Stockton, California.

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Student witnesses Hurricane Harvey