Stagg Nacho Fest a Success

What’s a better way to unite a school than using food? On Friday, Stagg ASB put together free nachos for those who signed up for a sponsored Step account.

Stagg ASB students seen fixing nachos for students. Stagg went on to win the Step Fest contest. Roy Juarez / Stagg Online

Staff and students competed in this year’s Step Fest 2023 in order to sign up for the most accounts nationwide. This event was a way to promote the contest and get students to sign up.


Nachos [are] a universal language, so it’s a hit,” Booth runner Ernesto Corondo expressed. 


The was a success, as Stagg ended up in first place at the end of the contest. As a result of winning, Stagg is eligible to win $25,000 and then have a concert performance.