Qualifications for College

Ashley Mathis

If someone wanted to go to college they would’ve to do the following.

• pass the SAT or Act requirements
• have a certain GPA that the college is expecting
• have a good attendance record
• take a placement test

Keep in mind that qualifications for colleges depend on the college you want to attend. So do you research and look up the information you need.

CSU Requirements
• You must have a 3.0 or better GPA.
• You must also pass three years of math with a C or better, beginning with first year Algebra.
• SAT scores are not required unless you are an incoming freshman with 3 or more years of high school in the US.

Her are two websites if you need to sign up for the SAT

More requirements are listed on the CSU website you want to go to.

Trade Schools Requirements
• For trade schools the requirements depends on the schools.

For all colleges and vocational schools when you are going to apply to any of them you must have your diploma, or GED.