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North Korea threatens to cancel summit with U.S.

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North Korea threatens to cancel summit with U.S.

North Korea is currently threatening to cancel Kim Jong Un’s participation in a summit with President Trump, stating they can either meet at a meeting room or in a nuclear showdown.
This statement comes the day after President Trump made a comment about possibly canceling or postponing the summit, which is scheduled to take place in Singapore on June 12, if North Korea didn’t meet specific requirements. However, the specific requirements remain unknown.
The vice president also lacks a good impression on North Korea due to making threats to North Korea on Fox News, declaring it a fact that if Kim Jong Un doesn’t make a deal, things will only result like the Libyan model.
The Libyan model references a deal the U.S. and others made with Libya to get rid of its nuclear weapons program. It also involved allowing Americans to observe the nuclear sites. While that in itself isn’t threatening, it’s what’s associated with the Libyan model that makes it a threat.
See, years after Libya was denuclearized, the leader was removed from power, killed and dragged through the streets which was recorded and became a widely shared video.
Choe Son Hui, a vice foreign minister and the regime’s former top official in charge of U.S. relations, stated that the vice president’s comments revealed his lack of knowledge on the subject and showed cased his ignorance and stupidity despite being the vice president of a super-power.
North Korea also finds insult in that the U.S. makes North Korea seem like a rouge regime instead of a nuclear state that’s equal to the U.S.
The president also has the goal of getting North Korea to completely denuclearize while at the same time not conseeding anything to Kim Jong Un. Yet North Korea states that it will not denuclearize, which makes sense because of all the money and time spent on developing these weapons.

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North Korea threatens to cancel summit with U.S.