New ASB director finishes out year


Photo by Blancah Mendoza

Ryan Berg has already started helping out with the lunch time activities. He will also become the new psychology teacher.

Stepping into the Student Activities office is like plunging into a world submerged in years’ worth of carefully crafted memories. Pictures and posters plaster the walls while various objects and materials clutter the room, telling a silent story of past Associated Student Body events.

Sitting behind the desk is a face relatively new to the scene, Ryan Berg. Berg is currently a history teacher and the coach for the boys varsity basketball team.

However, he has decided to help ASB finish up the school year by becoming the new ASB director.
It is a new role Berg will carry out into the next school year, along with his other new positions as he takes over parts of Stewart Jacoby’s schedule. Berg said, “It wasn’t extra work piled onto me. I chose to do this.”

Berg has four years of experience from when he worked at Chavez as their athletics director. “It was a good experience,” Berg said, “but I’m glad I moved on from it to join Stagg.”

Berg said he had the extra time to fill in the position aside from his other work. “It’s a lot of time put to use, time during breaks, time during lunch, and time after school to work with ASB.”

As director, Berg said he wanted to help ASB manage activities and events in place of Michelle Canfield, who left midyear to take another position.
Junior Elizabeth Magana said, “I don’t think the way ASB advertised school events appealed to the students much.”

She looks forward to ASB improving the way they announce events before they are held to give students a heads-up on what will be happening on campus.

ASB member Zariah Gonzalez said she is already working with Berg and the rest of the staff to prepare for the upcoming year.
She and the other members will be managing a calendar listing every activity they hope to help set up and turning in paperwork to approve events early.

ASB is even going to buy a new printer so they can print posters instead of drawing them all out by hand. The purpose of this is to help improve the way events are advertised, which Gonzalez recognized as a problem this year. “We’re committed during the summer to spend time at school to work on our plans.”
Gonzalez is also looking forward to working with Berg next year. “I know we’re going to have a great year with Mr. Berg because he has experience.”

Berg stressed the importance of trying to connect to the student body during the upcoming school year to have more activities and events take place on campus.

“We desperately need more student and staff involvement. We can create a better atmosphere the more (students) participate.”

Jonathon Ivy, another junior, said, “I would like to see more activities happen next year, especially since I will be a senior then.”

Berg says being a director for ASB is a different experience than just being a teacher. There is a more direct interaction with the students than just him assigning work and them completing it in class.

“You get to see different sides of kids.”
Berg and Gonzalez said they believe the school year is ending on a positive note and both of them will strive to open up the next year just the same.