Mardi Gras gets larger turnout

It’s the fourteenth year that French teacher Deborah Berg has organized and hosted Mardi Gras, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday.

For an approximate 3 weeks, French classes worked on creating a film that fits the theme. 2015’s theme being “sequels.”

2nd period did “Les Avengers”, a rendition of “The Avengers.”

3rd period did “Paranormal Whacktivity,” another take from the popular movies “Paranormal Activity.”

4th period did “Let’s be CSMs,” a different take of the recent “Let’s Be Cops.”

5th period did “The Breakfast Club.”

6th period did “Le Retour De Oz,” a sequel to “The Wizard of Oz.”

Students had to create an original sequel to common movies, assign jobs, write a screenplay, create costumes, film the movie and edit it to be under 15 minutes all in less than a month.

The Thursday prior to Mardi Gras, their completed films and posters were judged by invited staff teachers.

Some students had difficulties with their movies. Freshman Kevin Phan, winner of an honorary medal for screenplay writing, directing and acting, said “Filming was a lot of fun but editing was stressful.”

“It all has to do with time and experience,” said Berg.

Starting at 6:00 pm, the cafeteria filled in with students, parents, siblings and staff given name tags and purple, gold and green beads. Popcorn was being passed out and drinks were available to the guests.

Although Berg had over 150 chairs arranged, they were all occupied. Everyone remained respectful as Berg welcomed guests and explained the evening and began to play the movies in chronological order. After the films, guests were welcomed to serve themselves at the buffet and vote best film for a ‘People’s Choice Award’. Followed by the King’s cake where the tradition of ‘the receivers of the baby’ were crowned queen and king of Mardi Gras.

Students cheerfully and proudly marched up to receive their awards.

The night was full of laughter, smiles at the fun Mardi Gras celebration.

Senior Alisha Hernandez said, “I think (Mardi Gras) was really successful.” Her 6th period film won the majority of the awards, “it was cool to see the progress and the outcome of something we’ve worked hard on.”

“Overall, it went well,” Berg said. “Each year the turnout gets better and better.”