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FFA Groundbreaking ceremony announces a new barn for students

Roy Juarez
Current Year 2023 FFA Counsel members being awarded a certificate for the new barn.

Edit 9/20/23 for spelling and grammar.

Edit 9/25/23 to correct Daija Jones’s title.

Teachers, students and supporters of Future Farmers of America (FFA) gathered on Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. around Stagg’s east parking lot near the greenhouse where the Career Technical Education (CTE) director Nathan Haley announced Stagg High School is getting a new barn to house animals.

This barn is going to be used to compete with other schools during FFA events. “The barn would show students how to care for farm animals and get them ready for the workforce,” Haley said.

FFA started six years ago with the first teacher being Frank Shaw, and now the program is ready to expand to its fifth teacher Leslie Barraza.

“I feel like it went good,” said FFA treasurer Bradley Mertz. “I think it was good to see people come out and actually cared about the organization. You know what I mean, showing how important it really is for kids to get opportunities like this.” 

“The whole thing was educational and I wasn’t expecting to be here but I’m here,” FFA Sentinel Daija Jones said.

(FFA Counsel, FFA founders and donors/funders initiating the barn project at the ceremony. Roy Juarez/ Stagg Online)


Additional reporting by Christian Villalobos.

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