Drama program is ‘coming back’

Glassberg, drama program debut with musical ‘Grease’


Alexus Plascencia

Vincent Grayson sings “Summer Nights” as Danny Zuko from the musical “Grease,” while other drama members support him as the T-Birds.

“I welcome you to the very first show put on in years.”

It’s Marc Glassberg’s first year as the Drama Director, and the program is already showing the school what’s been missing for over ten years. Glassberg and drama students made their big debut last Friday with their musical production of the hit movie “Grease.”

The show was opened by the jazz band playing an Old-Time Swing tune called “Satin Doll,” and then their jazz version of “Louie Louie,” which featured rock vibes from the drums, electric guitar and bass, but kept the overall jazz tune with a combination of trumpets, saxophones, and a clarinet.

Show Choir opened for the play, first with a six-piece student-created ensemble called “The Hex,” whose cool harmonies were complemented by bongo playing. The whole Show Choir then performed three songs, including “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Barbara Ann,” which had the crowd clapping to the beat.

The two groups’ performances added to the setting of the play, which takes place during the 1950s.

Finally, the lights came on, and as the opening song “Grease” starts playing, the cast runs on stage. The play consisted of three parts, opening song, the first scene — where our favorite characters Jan (Yannett Avila), Rizzo (Andrea Voller), Kenickie (Parker Spurlin), Patty (Hannah Swope) and of course,  the leads Danny (Vincent Grayson) and Sandy (Jocelyn Rebolledo) are enjoying their first day back at school during lunch time — and Sandy and Danny both telling their friends how they spent their summer, with the song “Summer Nights.” The crowd responded with rounds of applause and cheers.

With the success of this performance, Glassberg said that there will be another in April, but it’s theme is still undecided. Glassberg is “thrilled” that he’s able to make a positive impact on the school and the students with the new program, and is looking forward to all the new productions that will be put on in the future, including a full musical.

“What I’m looking to do is establish … a full dramatic program which includes a lot of different kinds of productions to rival any school,” he said.

Rebolledo, a junior, said that although she was nervous, finally starring in a play was something she loved doing, and is excited to do again.

“I was looking forward to drama,” she said. She explains that she always wanted to take drama in high school, since musical theater and singing is a great interest of hers. As a freshman, she took the drama class, but the program didn’t make any productions, and last year, there wasn’t a program at all. Now, she’s looking forward to the expansion of the program.

“It was a great experience — we proved to everyone that the drama program is coming back.”