Disney, Marvel bring ‘A-game’ with ‘Big Hero 6’

Disney, Marvel bring A-game with Big Hero 6

He’s funny, he’s caring and he’s an inflatable robot. His name is Baymax.

Baymax looks like a huge marshmallow, — similar to Stay Puft from “Ghostbusters” — but he is technically a healthcare companion that, with a single scan, can detect vital stats, determine patients’ level of pain, and treat nearly anything. He is the creation of Tadashi Hamada (voice, Daniel Henney).

Oh, and did I mention he can also be dangerous when programmed with a death chip of an active fighter?

Last Saturday night met the anticipation and excitement filled from the audience’s faces to see this movie — a movie we have all been waiting for.

“Big Hero 6.”

Walt Disney Animation and Marvel teamed up to transform “Big Hero 6” from a 90’s comic book into the duo’s first animated film together.

We had to have seen this coming. Both Disney and Marvel make amazing films, it was only a matter of time that both studios collaborate ideas into one amazing movie.

And, without a doubt, Marvel and Disney brought their A-game with “Big Hero 6”.

While we’re still waiting for “The Incredibles” sequel, “Big Hero 6” has shown the world a new animated superhero team. Not only did it introduce us to new characters and into a new atmosphere, but it brought laughter, emotion, and heart to the viewers.

The movie sets itself in a futuristic city, San Fransokoyo, a name blended from San Francisco and Tokyo. “Big Hero 6” focuses on Hiro Hamada, voiced by Ryan Potter, a natural tech expert and a little precocious of making money off of “bot fighting.”

Until, however, Hiro’s older brother, Tadashi, gives him a tour of the university’s robotic lab where Hiro meets a group of super-smart “nerds,” who will then go on to form the film’s six-man team. The group includes Wasabi (voice, Damon Wayans Jr.), Fred (voice, T.J. Miller), GoGo Tomago (Jamie Chung), and Honey Lemon (voice, Génesis Rodriguez).

The film’s beating heart lies within the relationship between Hiro and Baymax; both create such a tight bond that they go on to become part of a crime-fighting team.

Baymax is designed to care for one’s needs, and will do anything for Hiro. They go on to share a friendship like no other.

But, of course, nothing makes a Marvel movie complete like a cameo from Marvel comic book writer Stan Lee. Even in animation, Lee satisfies the fans by making another hilarious appearance. Just as “Big Hero 6” did towards the audience.