A-wing awaits electricity


A-wing classrooms are in the dark all of today and possibly tomorrow as well. At approximately 3 a.m. Thursday morning copper was stripped from above the west hallway and the A wing.

Classes have been moved to other rooms while custodians and district electricians diagnose the damage.

“I would rather be in the A wing,” Raul Cecena, a freshman in Algebra support class said. His class has been moved to room R-17 until the electricity is restored.

I would rather be in the A-wing

— Raul Cecena

Raul Cecena

“It will takes us probably most of the day,” said district electrician John Buck. “(We were waiting on approval from the principal) on how best to make the repairs with the least amount of disruption to the school schedule.”
Buck and a team of other electricians discussed the possibility of a generator to power the A-wing, but the option was ruled out due to the hazardous fumes and the requirement of cutting electricity to the B and C wings.

“Our main concern, keeping (students and staff) safe,” Buck said.Raquel ChavezDONE

Spanish teacher Raquel Chavez is the only teacher who has continued to teach in the A-wing despite the lack of LED lighting. “We have this beautiful sunlight coming in,” Chavez said . “I don’t want to move and send my (teacher’s aide) to get supplies from across campus.”

While other teachers continue to make adjustments, construction will begin later this afternoon on the cut wire and is projected to continue into tomorrow.