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¨I couldn’t live without Instagram for one morning¨: Students share how Instagram being down affects them

On March 5, Instagram users woke up to the app confused, unable to load their feed, with a message saying, “Something went wrong. Please try again.¨ Complaints of being logged out in addition to these technical errors, have also been reported by Facebook users as well.

Concerns of being banned and even hacked spewed as the outage hit globally.

Instagram user Alicyn Saavedy was heartbroken when she found the news.¨I thought I got banned..¨ ¨I started crying in front of my sister, I immediately started texting everyone if their account was also, you know, not working.¨ Saavedy reveals.

Senior Luis Nolasco shares that checking Instagram is a part of his daily routine, the first thing he does is check Instagram to view any messages he may have missed from friends and teammates while he was sleeping. However, to his surprise the platform was buffering. Nolasco compared Instagram unfavorably to other social media platforms, claiming that Instagram is the only one that has issues. ¨They need to step up their game. There´s other platforms that don´t do this.¨

Luis Nolasco smiles for a picture outside his third period. Nolasco uses the app as a communication source first thing in the morning, and was frustrated when his routine was disrupted. (Aaliyah Leon / StaggOnline)

While expressions of shock and frustration surfaced from students, Junior Jordyn Miller views the glitch in a completely different light. Miller explained that she looked in pity at students constantly spam the refresh button in hopes of getting their feed to load. ¨It´s not that serious at all.¨ Miller branched off her first statement saying,¨ And they also try to match their lives with other people´s lives on the internet, it’s just not something healthy to do.¨

Around 1,200,000 error reports from both Facebook and Instagram combined had been documented by DownDetector, a website that keeps track of scenarios like this.

Meta spokesman, Andy Stone, took to X, formally known as ¨Twitter¨, for the inconvenience sharing, ¨”We resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone who was impacted.¨ Service was restored at 12:19 p.m.

Student launches the Instagram app explore page after the app was rebooted. The app was down for over two hours. (Aaliyah Leon / StaggOnline)
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