Partners should be chosen for qualities

People shouldn’t pick partners based only on how attractive a baby they’ll make


Walking through the halls and eavesdropping on typical high school conversations, I have heard students talk about what they want their future children to look like. More often than not, people have talked about what they want their partner to look like in order for their kids to have the certain look. They want their child to be the best looking out of the bunch.

Countless times, I have heard people wanting to have kids with a different race to have those “gorgeous mixed babies.” References have been made that someone is “husband or wife material” just because they have curly hair, brown skin, eyes of a certain color, or any other specific trait, all of which is quite ridiculous. I ask myself why this might be such an important thing for some?

I understand that people might have a specific “type” and that physical attraction has its value. However, this should not outweigh one’s other qualities. There should not be a hunt for which person will make your baby look the cutest.

Let’s say someone decides to get together with that perfect person who seems ideal to make their baby perfect in terms of appearance. Next thing they know, their baby is born and it turns out the baby didn’t live up to the parents’ expectations. What should the parents do now?

The answer is simply nothing. This should not come as a surprise to the parents. There is no perfect mixed person or flawless looking child. Everybody is different in their own way. Just because someone may look like they’ll make perfect babies doesn’t mean they will.

Wouldn’t you rather want to know whether your partner is capable of being a good parent? I am sure that having a certain physical trait does not suddenly make someone perfect in all aspects.

You would think that a partner who is tolerant and mature would be listed way higher than somebody that is just physically attractive. If a list were to be made of the qualities one desired in their partner, what would it consist of? Probably somebody who has a sense of humor, somebody who is intelligent and compassionate. Essentially all the things that have nothing to do with looks, qualities that truly matter.

Stop fantasizing about what is yet to come and focus on who you are spending your time with now. Maybe even down the road they will be the one you will spend the rest of your life with.

I’m not saying that looks can’t be a factor when it comes to picking your soulmate, but that one factor shouldn’t consume your decision to create a life with that person.

I’m just saying to be more thoughtful and make sure to evaluate more than what meets the eye.