Stagg Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrates Educators


Teachers shown lined up grabbing their food. Taking a break after school, enjoying their co-workers company.

Stagg recently held many events during Teacher Appreciation Week this week, filled with events designed to show gratitude and appreciation for the teachers who go to work to educate today’s youth.

The week-long celebration was a week full of events, with students and faculty alike coming together to show appreciation for the contributions made by the teachers here at Stagg.

On Tuesday, May 9th, a raffle was held for all the teachers at Stagg. The raffle prizes included gift cards. The raffle generated a lot of excitement and provided a fun way to show appreciation for the teachers.

One of the most popular events of the week was the donut giveaway that took place on Wednesday, May 10th. Students and staff members arrived at school early that day to hand out boxes of delicious donuts to the teachers throughout the day.

When asked about the donuts, Mrs. Codog, the horticulture teacher said “The donuts were delicious! They were only chocolate, but I still enjoyed it”

The smiles and appreciation shown by the teachers was evident, and it set the tone for the rest of the week.

Stagg’s dedicated staff take charge of the grill at the Teacher Appreciation Week BBQ, serving up mouth-watering food and spreading joy and appreciation to their hardworking colleagues.

Another highlight of the week was the BBQ that took place on Thursday, May 11th. The school’s courtyard was transformed into a lively and festive outdoor space, complete with music and plenty of delicious smelling food. The teachers were treated to a well-deserved break from their busy schedules and were able to relax and enjoy the company of their colleagues or simply go home for the day.

Coach Halekakis, a PE teacher at Stagg exclaimed “[The Barbeque] was awesome. It was one of the best things that’s ever happened here at Stagg High School. It included all the staff- not just the teachers, but all the staff”

The final event of the week was the “Bring Your Own Banana” event that took place on Friday, May 12th. Students and staff were encouraged to bring their own bananas to school, which were then used to make banana splits. The field by the quad was transformed into a festive ice cream area, complete with toppings and whipped cream. The teachers and students alike were thrilled with this creative and delicious way of showing appreciation, and it made for a fun and memorable end to the week.

Ms. Stoner, an English teacher, explained how she couldn’t participate in the “BYOB” event on Friday due to her allergy to bananas.

Overall, the success of Teacher Appreciation Week at Stagg was a testament to the strong sense of community and appreciation that exists within the school. The events planned throughout the week not only showed gratitude for the teachers, but they also showed a sense of unity and togetherness among the entire school’s community. It is clear that the faculty at Stagg are valued and respected by both the students and the staff, and this was demonstrated in a big way during this special week of celebration.