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Specialty School Fair recruits new students with dazzling demonstrations

Schools around Stockton Unified School District participated in a Specialty School Fair in  Edison’s gym on Jan 18. The purpose of this fair was to recruit families and students to attend their high school and give them more opportunities to join different high schools in the future. 

(Health career academy (HCA) students give a presentation to many kids and parents, about why to enroll into their school. At Edison high school in the gym on January 18.)

There were many things such as entertainment and demonstrations to keep families and students there occupied and entertained. Examples included the mariachi band from Chavez High School performance and Commodore Stockton Skills Schools STEM team with their remote-controlled robots. 

(The Chavez mariachi band performs Mexican folk music at Edison Specialty school fair. They are showing their music program to try and gather people for their club)



(Commodore Stockton Skills Schools gives a hands-on demonstration of their STEM program. It is an interactive experience for all participants who attended that night.)

The Edison Specialty’s School was a hit for all of those involved. Some schools that showed up were Commodore Stockton Skills School, Cesar Chavez High School, Franklin High School, Merlo High School, and many more including some colleges. 

(SECA poses for pictures after speaking and recruiting children and parents about their academy and why parents should enroll their kids into joining their school. Hoping to get lots of new applicants.)
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