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Seeking help shows strength

Jennifer Jones is a Youth Services Program Manager and
oversees the young adults in the TLP
Adrianna Owens
Jennifer Jones is a Youth Services Program Manager and oversees the young adults in the TLP

It is difficult for many to have the courage to stand up and ask for help. Feelings of judgment, weakness, or even doubt are just some of the few fears that can get in the way.

Realizing that getting help from a professional can actually make a change is the first step. Accepting that there is a problem is next. Then it’s actually being able to speak up.

“Unfortunately there is still a stigma for seeking help,” Fay Vierra, a licensed marriage and family therapist, said. “It’s important to be empathetic.”

No matter the situation, minor or major, if help is needed, professionals suggest to get help. Things can always be kept confidential, but only to an extent.

“Getting help doesn’t make someone weak. It shows resilience,” Vierra said.

People shouldn’t be afraid to have open arms to all the available resources that are provided because they’re all there to provide a sense of comfort.

“It’s important to accept that our mind and heart are one,” Carolyn Walters, a licensed marriage and family therapist , said. “It’s important to keep them healthy.”

Getting treatment for any needs helps to maintain a healthy being.

But people who are hurting are often stubborn; they insist that they can handle their struggles themselves.

“We are a safety net in the community,” Lynn Tarrant, the deputy director, San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services , said.

Professionals at the Behavioral Health Services are there to save those who are in great need by providing intervention, counseling, and even a place to stay.

One of the services offered is the Transitional Living Program; a shelter that provides all the basic necessities.

“We’re here to help them understand their potential,” Jennifer Jones, a youth services program manager said.

TLP offers educational support and builds relationships to those in need. It gives people a place where they feel welcomed.

“We let them make mistakes, we let them come back,” Jones said. “It’s about empowering them.”

TLP isn’t the only place where help can be found. It’s up to the people in need to go out, and discover the many other resources.

But if nothing is done about the situation, nothing will get better. It will just continue to worsen over the time span of just standing by.

And if help is never sought, who knows what would happen? Violent related acts, drug abuse, and even suicide, perhaps.

Then when those who are in a great need of help become a harm to themselves, and even others, that’s when issues should be taken very seriously.

“Don’t agree to keep suicidal thoughts a secret,” Vierra said. “Get adult help; don’t worry about losing a friend.”

Those who began to feel suicidal don’t necessarily want to die, she added. They just want the pain to stop. “Suicide can always be prevented,” she said.

It’s highly recommended, by professionals, to always contact help when someone seems as a threat.

It’s never a good idea to keep it a secret, or solve the issue on one’s own.

“It’s not your job to fix it; it’s your job to tell an adult,” Vierra said.

Seeking the help that is needed shows how strong one can be. It’s not a cry, or plea, for help. It’s having courage and a strong mentality.


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Seeking help shows strength