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PLA Transitions Into New Environment

PLA Transitions Into New Environment

 Starting high school is a big change for anyone. But even bigger changes have come for Institute of Business Management and Law students.

 Not only have they gained a new campus at Stagg along with new neighbors, but also a new affiliation with the University of Pacific and a new identity as the Pacific Law Academy.

 “We have a lot of faith in this school,” PLA junior Larry Hinojos said.”If we move kids will follow.”

 Although PLA can offer students a more rigorous learning environment and one-on-one time with teachers, it can be difficult to create the same kind of comunity as a traditional high school.

 “(We) still have clubs and rallies, just on a smaller scale,” said the principal of PLA, Carol Sanderson.

 But the smaller scale does have its ups and downs. Sanderson said that though they can’t offer all of the electives they can offer more rigorous college prep classes.

 “The teachers help you through your problems,”said PLA senior Steve Mayoya.

 While dealing with trying to establish school spirit, PLA students are also trying to get used to their new neighbors.

 Mayoya said that he feels that being connected to another campus will bring up his social skills.

 Junior Alyia Chavez sees it as being a different type of culture with a larger student body versus a very tight knit community.

 Along with trying to find their new identity, former IBML students are trying to find their place on campus.

 During this transition the PLA lost 20 percent of their students to more traditional high schools. Some were looking for a more of a high school experience.

 One is senior Mallory Taylor, who recently left so she could become more involved in her home school and graduate with her friends.

 “I thought we would be able to interact, but I couldn’t,” Taylor said.

 Although students were excited to have a more traditional experience, there was still shock when it came to the type of environment offered.

 “The first day of school I had to sit on the floor,” sophomore Nayeli Ramos said comparing it to the small 15 students per class at IBML.

 Not only were class sizes an issue, but also the confinement of the campus.

 “At IBML you just walked out of a gate during lunch,” Ramos said.

 Along with the growing pains that come along with anything new, there are the definite benefits.

 Taylor was most excited about more freedom in the dress code and easier classes, while Ramos was most excited about longer lunch periods, more students to interact with and catching up with old friends.

 But it wasn’t only the students who were getting jitters about making the change.

 “I want to be a principal and this was an opportunity for me,” Sanderson said.

 Sanderson now has more time to spend observing classrooms, getting to know her students on a personal level, and developing a closer bound with the parents who are more involved.

 Along with the first day of school jitters, any feelings that PLA may have had about not belonging on Stagg campus are fast fading.

 As with every transition, soon or later everything will settle in.


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PLA Transitions Into New Environment