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New Club New Opportunities For Stagg Students

Students (Club Members) and Club Advisor Nicole Churchill at BSU meeting addressing future fundraisers and events.

At Stagg there are many extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports that offer student benefits. BSU (Black Student Union) happens to be one of the clubs that offer academic/career advantages to its members. Black Student Union is a club that has spread throughout most Stockton Unified high schools and is also looking to expand towards middle school, but at Stagg it has only been around for roughly a year. One would think this means that there should only be little progress, but that is not the case at Stagg. 

Nicole Churchill, a new math teacher at Stagg, stands as the current Club Advisor for BSU. “I want BSU to be a support system especially academically,” said Churchill. Black Student Union at Stagg provides activities outside of school such as the trip to the Black College Expo in Sacramento and community events like presenting about education betterment within the African American community. 

“I would want them to gather more leadership skills and be more reinforced and to show leadership skills, especially in African American communities,”said Churchill while actively planning to send 12 BSU club members to the state leadership conference in Fresno this March. 

The students that attend the event are given the opportunity to learn to not only be able to benefit their clubs, teams and classes at school but influence the people outside of their school as well.

There are more plans that BSU has, for example BSU is trying to set up a Black History class for any student at Stagg,  not just BSU members. They would teach Black History to students and would be a class course that students would be able to enroll in. “I know they are trying to get a course on campus, I think an AP course in African American history.” Churchill stated, on the topic of the new class.

“It helps us black kids feel more comfortable and involved. It helps connect us,” said BSU Vice President Aloysis Tih. The next BSU meeting is in January where History teacher (Anthony) Lee and  History teacher (Aaron) Ferguson will present about the new Black History course. 

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