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Dedication changes student’s future plans

Sweat glazing down his forehead. The pressure of being onstage is almost everlasting. His fingers roam the keyboard, searching for the right notes. His eyes glance up at the sheet music. Concentration is key.

This is Emmanuel Collins’ experience as he performs at the celebration of Black History Month in the theater in front of many students.

“He was born to be on the stage, outgoing, dynamic,” said Mark Swope, choir teacher.

Tall, thin, clean cut, stage smile and a confident grin, Collins, a junior, dedicates his time to being a musician and singer.  It all started his eighth grade year when he accidently got put into a piano and choir class, and from there he “just went with the flow.”

At first he did not realize that he had any musical interest, but after being in the course for a few weeks, he grew to love music, and what he could accomplish with it, and is now making life changing decisions based upon this love for music.

Starting his freshman year he took piano class with Swope and checked a piano out. He remembers on that hot summer day vividly walking the levy with a keyboard on his shoulders. How much more dedication can be put forward from a young musician? He wasn’t made to carry a 60-key keyboard home, he did it because it’s what he loves and music is a big part of his life.

“He is really good, amazing at the piano, I respect him as a musician,” said Gabriel Alvarez, junior, another person to notice Collins’ potential after having done a collaboration with him.

Swope also believes Collins has a great ear, he can hear melodies and harmonies with ease. “I think music will always be a part of him,” he said. “He is music.”

With the talents that Collins already acquires, singing and playing piano, he also has the ability to compose lyrics. When referring to songwriting he says, “Music releases some of the emotions I have.”

The first time he performed was at church and even then he said he was pretty comfortable. Every now and then one can catch him after school singing or rapping with other talented musicians on campus, and can truly see the passion that he holds.

After high school, Collins plans to attend a music institute in Los Angeles in hopes to become a professional producer/songwriter, with the fact that he is pretty confident in his music career he has no back-up plan. Becoming clinched to music was “more like destiny” according to Collins, he was made for it.

Collins’ main reason for being dedicated to music is to make sure that all genres of music can reach out to someone, somewhere. He thinks that every type of music has a way to connect to someone, and that they all have great stories to offer behind each verse.

“I want to see that all that all music, from country to rap, is listenable to everyone.”

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Dedication changes student’s future plans