Armed forces proves attractive option for some


As kids, some dream of becoming doctors, teachers, or even police officers. But then there are those kids who take up an interest of giving back, traveling the world, and expanding their knowledge of the world and serving their country.

“If I actually went to college, I probably wouldn’t do anything with my life and give up,” senior Maxine Contreras said.

For a while Contreras actually wanted to be a vet, but the cost of college forced her to change her mind to becoming a sonar technician, who usually spend their time in submarines or carriers, detecting animals and anything near.

Although she has her mind set she continues applying to colleges.

Joining the armed forces brings many benefits, including education, medical insurance, and housing. A person can earn a college tuition that is paid by the government, free medical care for a household, and if lived on base housing is fully paid for by the military, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Having her mind set on being involved in air traffic control, senior Pila Cha looks forward to gaining these benefits.
“I chose to be involved because of the benefits, and because I really want to travel,” she said.

The only thing that Cha sees as difficult is leaving her family behind. “I won’t see family for a long time, so I think that’ll be the hardest part for me.”

But for senior Julian Hernandez, he doesn’t let that stop him from being in the Air Force.

“It is what it is, and you can’t let it affect you,” Hernandez said.

Influenced by a history teacher at his former school, Weber Tech, Hernandez began to become interested in pursuing a career in the airforce. So far Hernandez has done a lot of swimming and running to help him prepare.

Also taking up swimming and running, senior Eddie Velasquez trains on his own to prepare himself for the Navy.

He searches to get his adrenaline rushing. “Nothing else interests me,” Velasquez said. “I don’t want to go into an office to work. I like doing things that make my adrenaline rush.”

Although all four seniors have already done so much to pursue their dream, another student has already taken a further step, a step that shows their determination. But due to personal reasons, he asked to be anonymous.

Determined to be in the Marine Corps, he has already been sworn in. That is, he swears that he is committed to be a part of the armed forces.

“It feels good to be sworn in,” he said. “It’s that feeling that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Ever since he was young he wanted to experience sensations and see things he’s never seen before. He fell in love with history and understanding the logic.

“I’ve prepared my mind to deal with pain and concentrate with what I’m doing and not complain; I’ve built my mental strength.”

According to this senior, many of his peers, and teachers, have misconceptions of him being involved. They assume the branches of military are just about killing, he says, but they fail to see there’s other sorts of work; whether it’s cooking, transporting supplies, or being a band member.

“I want to write a book since I’ll be gone a long period of time,” he said. “I’ll be seeing stuff, I’ll be making history.”