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Appreciated world history teacher is liked for good reason

Aaron Ferguson gives a class lecture while interacting with students.

According to his students, World and U.S History teacher Aaron Ferguson has had a positive influence on his Junior students. Ferguson is a friendly teacher, but he also installs basic standard expectations for his students. “He makes you realize if you don’t do your work it’s going to affect your future and not his,” says Tyson Espinoza. 

While students learn about history’s roots such as Chinese Immigration and World War I, they are also brought back into the present day with Ferguson’s humor incorporated in his lessons. 

Ferguson, located in H2 has a bright influence on 11th grade students in his classes. Ferguson states there are ups and downs to teaching. The downs being non motivated students who don’t participate nor put in effort. Whereas the ups being the opposite, motivated students who do try to succeed in the class. 

Becoming successful not only academically but as a person is something Ferguson values. “I would wish for all my students to lead a successful life not only academically but as a person as well”. In addition, Ferguson states “I would hope I have a pretty good bond with all my students”.

Tyson Espinoza, junior, in Ferguson’s second period, has positive things to say about the class. “I personally like teachers who make jokes and connect with their kids and have a sense of humor. And just are more productive instead of teachers who just sit back and give assignments” Ferguson uses a sarcastic, dry like humor in his lessons. 

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