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A Memorable Milestone: Students Receive Their Cap and Gowns


(Senior Malachi Cervantes trying on a gown during the cap and gown event at Stagg library on January 25. Understanding that there is very little time left til he graduates. )
(Zachary Glatz)

With the year coming to an end, seniors are starting to prepare for graduation, by purchasing their cap and gowns. As well as the cap and gowns, seniors can also decide to pick from an option of memorabilia, such as rings and clothing.

On January 25, Stagg students went to the Cap and Gown fitting event in the Stagg library. During the event, students felt emotional when faced with graduation.

“Getting my cap and gown, like actually going in and ordering my cap and gown, it’s a pretty big deal and one of my memories I’ll keep forever,” said senior Malachi Cervantes. 

Cervantes also said that receiving the cap and gown made him nervous and shocked being this is his final year as a Stagg High student. “They were shocked types of emotions, with a little bit of nervousness,” said Cervantes.

Roger Esparza, an Economics, American Government, and Psychology teacher here at Stagg, said that, “My four years here as a student were good.” He talked about the differences in the gowns. “When I was graduating, the girls wore gold and the boys wore brown,” Esparza said. 


(Herff Jones Co. ring options on display for the students and parents to look through, prices start from $400 to $1,000, at the Stagg library on January 25.)

Herff Jones Co., an American company that manufactures and sells educational recognition and achievement products and motivational materials, was at this event to provide students with memorabilia of their high school accomplishments.

(Senior Gabriel Reyes, pays for and receives his gown, at the Stagg library, on January 25. Feeling excited about getting his gown. ) (Zachary Glatz)

While some students were getting their orders in, many were waiting in long lines. These lines extended out towards the Brookside parking lot. Junior Emara Alicea, who is graduating early, said, “I was impatient and the lines were very unorganized.” 

Cervantes agreed. “The lines were indeed very long, that’s what made it tiring.”

Tiring, shocked, there were many emotions that had to deal with getting the cap and gown, but at the end of the day, it’s an accomplishment for many people to remember. “It felt good,” said Cervantes. “It made me realize that everything is like, really happening.” 

Although there were some difficulties through this process, these seniors were excited for their graduation day.

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